Full Audit – Feng Shui (deposit)


Please note that this is a deposit only.

The remaining $798 is due once your audit is complete and you will receive an invoice at this time.

Full Audit

I will analyse the many many layers of unseen energies and your own specific building’s energy map, plus your personal energies and much more.

I will explain on site what action you can take immediately to help with the reason you wanted a Feng Shui audit.

Your typed informative report will be delivered to you personally by me within two weeks unless there is an unexpected delay and it will be explained on site at this second visit. At this visit I will show you on site exactly what I am suggesting in the report.

Our follow up phone call approximately 6 – 8 weeks later will tweak any final adjustments – in the mean time you can message me any questions and photos of how your progress is going to confirm anything you don’t understand.