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Congratulations on investing in yourself!

YOUR FIRST STEP is to choose which type of Chinese Astrology analysis you would like from the options below:

If you are unsure of what to choose, please contact me here.

Verbal ANALYSIS $158*

Book your 1 hour Chinese Astrology Reading via zoom directly into my calendar below.

Includes recording of your Chinese Astrology Reading + Personalised Chart

Does not include a typed report.

Full ANALYSIS $298*

Your personalised comprehensive typed report shows who you truly are, your blessings and skills, ideal careers & much more.

Includes a 30 min call to discuss any questions.


If you choose the Verbal Analyisis:

Once I receive your booking, I will analyse the information you provided in the questionnaire. Then we will get together at your booked time via zoom and I will provide you with my findings in our time together. Afterwards you will receive the video recording and also the PDF of your personalised chart.

If you choose the Full Analysis:

Once I receive your payment, I will deeply analyse the information that you provided in the notes section of your purchase. 

I will create a highly personalised and comprehensive report which will be approximately 9 pages of highly detailed information all about YOU.

I will analyse the past and the future and a deeper look at where you are right now and what that means for you. 

Once this is finished, you will receive this via email.

Then you have read your report a few times, we will get together for a 30 min phone or zoom call at a time that suits you and I can answer any questions that you have.