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Discover how Feng Shui can help your business.

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How Feng Shui works:

The practice of a Feng Shui Master is to manipulate the qi to benefit the occupants of the buildings whether for work or home or for the design of brand new buildings and commercial projects (where we start with the end in mind).

Much like you can tune into a radio station, my job is to show you how you can tune into your building and find the station you like to listen to and turn off the station that is upsetting you.

Every building is full of unseen qi lines which also have many layers. They are influenced by the surrounding mountains, rivers, buildings and roads and especially inside the taps, fridges, stove, doors, air conditioners etc. 

Through the analysis of all the layers I find the points to activate or deactivate to support the individual occupant or business. How I do this depends on what the client wants from their audit. 

Businesses usually call me in with staff problems or not enough customers. 

Brand new homes I work with the building designer. This is to ensure that their design gives the clients the Feng Shui that supports their future vision of their lives in that home and most importantly their health. 

Clients with homes already built are mostly wanting better health, career prospects, wealth and harmony but each person has their own individual desires too such as wishing to become a speaker, writer, dancer, artist.

All these unseen energies are there in the building, I just find where they are and activate them (tune you in) – knowing where to spend your time and where not to, plus what can support you is very powerful. You can not see that a space has been Feng Shuid when done correctly as it fits in with the decor. 

However, anyone who has had an audit previously can often spot some of the recommendations made but as each building is as unique as a snowflake every client has their very own unique recommendations.

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