Nature loves curves

I was out walking on Saturday and the lovely windy path I was on made me want to do this post.
You will notice nature loves curves and theres not many straight lines. We want to be as close to nature as possible as we are all part of the same energy. If we can replicate nature in our surroundings at home we can feel that sense of calm all around us.


Whoever designed the curvy path I was on understood this. So let’s talk about outside in this post and inside in the next post.


Take a look at the photos. Can you notice how different the windy path feels compared to the straight path built for the water?
Take a look at the roads. Can you notice how different you feel with the soft winding road compared to the straight road or the road with the sharp bend?
We feel better when the qi meanders as thats nature in balance. It’s dangerous for qi to whip fast around a corner (never live on the outside of a busy corner), or when qi rushes straight at us or from us such as a straight road. People fall asleep on straight roads, giving even more danger.


If you have a house at the end of a long straight road or if there is a small gap between buildings with the gap headed straight to your building, or if theres a corner of a building pointed towards your building with nothing stopping the qi from rushing along the wall and then straight to you we call this sha qi. Its not beneficial simply because the energy is too fast. We want to slow down the energy by introducing gentle curves and interesting things to look at. Add nature to what man has built – bring back the balance.

If you have a straight path or garden edge in your garden you can soften the edges by planting cascading plants or shrubs next to it to slightly cover the edges make the qi slow right down. Make your garden paths and edges and the path to your door curvy.
Add plants or even round pots if you cant actually plant a plant.
If you live opposite a long straight road or a building as mentioned plant some trees, shrubs, to protect your home from the impact especially if it’s coming directly to your door but do this in a natural way.

Recently when looking at a possible home for clients it was clear this is what the previous people had done but they did it wrong.
Firstly I assume they thought they were protecting themselves from a road that belonged to a quiet court – this is not sha qi its a short road – this is probably beneficial qi now being blocked.
They planted an ugly clump of ugly tall grass that did not blend with the surroundings and they made their post box ugly with a weird build around it to protect themselves from their perceived problem.

In fact they made the site ugly- thats not going to slow down the qi and harness the beautiful qi into the home. So when you do this do it slowly with love not haste and fear.

Think of how it feels when you take a walk in nature. Nothing hurries but its all done.

Curves are celebrated.

Nothing is designed and planted in a certain place yet it/s perfect.

Channel nature to your outside surroundings

Jan 🏠

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